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About the project

Turn your smartphone into a safety measure -

The Technology

bAIke is an algorithm capable of predicting collisions with other objects on the road, and alert you before it happens.

  • Uses your smartphone camera to see what is in front of you.
  • Tracks your behaviour as you ride - direction, speed and location.
  • Applies artificial intelligence to overlap your path with detected objects, and alert you if you're about to hit.
  • All of this is done on your smartphone - no internet connection needed!


It goes way beyond what you're imagining!

Trip Tracker

Keep track of all the trips you monitored.

Detailed View

See all the details about each trip - route, speed, burnt calories, number of alerts and much more.

Under your control

You control how the app notifies you - beep, flash, buzz, all of them? Your choice! You can even send it to your wereables!

Best done together

Share your trips with your friends, and invite them to come ride with you!


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These are the folks who made it happen

Duarte Freitas

Afonso Sousa

Diogo Silva

Daniel Faria

João Sá

Tiago Silva

Luís Peixoto

Gabriel Santos